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CICPC Intellectual Theme and Programming

2015-2016 Campus Theme: College and Change

The Cultural and Intellectual Community Program Council (CICPC) selects the annual intellectual theme and funds related programming during the academic year.  The theme for CICPC sponsored programs in 2016-17 is Toward Just and Sustainable Communities.

This year’s intellectual theme, “Toward Just and Sustainable Communities,” asks the TCNJ community to explore connections among social justice, sustainability, and community, and to consider these terms expansively and creatively. How do we define community? What are the manifestations of justice in our communities? What do we mean when we talk about sustainability? The theme suggests the power of human agency; we can move “toward” meaningful action. The Summer Reading text, Will Allen’s The Good Food Revolution, describes his project, Growing Power, and honors and celebrates what others have done to promote healthy communities through urban gardens that grow affordable and sustainable “good food.” Grounded in the history of changes in agriculture and the American food system during the Great Migration, Allen’s book serves as a model of the cross-disciplinarity possible in discussions of community, justice, and sustainability.

 Guidelines for funding theme programs


Events Funded in 2016-17

Community Learning Day Keynote Lecture by Will Allen


September 7, 2016 at noon