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Analogous Categories: Old General Education and New Liberal Learning Programs

Old Program Category

New Program Category

Rhetoric I and II Writing Proficiency/Speaking Proficiency
Mathematics Quantitative Reasoning
Foreign Language Language Proficiency
Athens/SET First Seminar
Gender Studies Diversity Gender Studies Civic Responsibility
Non-Western Diversity Global Studies Civic Responsibility (expands non-Western)
Western Diversity No Direct Analogy-partially folded into Global
No Analogous Category Race and Ethnic Civic Responsibility
No Analogous Category Community Engagement Civic Responsibility
Natural Science Natural Science
Social Science (content or process) Behavioral, Social, or Cultural Perspectives
History Social Change in Historical Perspective
Philosophy or Religion Worldviews and Ways of Knowing
Literature Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts
Fine or Performing Arts Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts

Some Guidelines for Students Beginning Fall 2003 or Earlier

August 28 , 2007

  • Their writing requirement is fulfilled by Rhetoric I and II (and Athens to New York ).  They do not need the sophomore or junior writing course as described in the CAP document, nor can we require them to complete a senior-level writing intensive course in the major.
  • Their speaking and information literacy requirements are fulfilled by Rhetoric I and II .
  • Their community based learning requirement is satisfied by Athens to New York (or First Year Seminar-there were three pilot sections in Spring 2003).  We waive the requirement for transfers.
  • The other Civic Responsibilities can be met by any combination of the old and new categories, provided gender is included (because the new system was not in place for their first two years).  These are Western, non-Western, Race and Ethnicity, Global, and Gender.