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Approved Courses for Liberal Learning

Please note that not all of the approved courses listed under the following categories are offered during any given semester.  To find out if a particular course is available during the current semester, go to PAWS and select “Class Search.” You will see if the course is offered and if there is still room in it.

In addition to specific courses indicated by the categories shown below, see this policy on course prefixes and ‘automatic’ liberal learning approval (and note that it is retroactive).

Fall 2015 Registration


Students should check for prerequisites and other restrictions in the Bulletin and in PAWS prior to planning their schedules and registering for courses.


Double Counting Courses

Between Majors, Interdisciplinary Concentrations, and Minors

  • 3 courses may be counted twice between majors.
  • 2 courses may be counted twice between a major and an interdisciplinary concentration.
  • 1 course may be counted twice between a minor and anything else with the exception of an International Studies major and any minor, in which case 2 courses may be counted twice.

Liberal Learning Catagories, Majors and Minors

  • Courses satisfying domains (Literary, Visual and Performing Arts, World Views and Ways of Knowing, Behavioral, Social or Cultural Perspectives, Social Change in Historical Perspective, Natural Science, and Quantitative Reasoning) may also satisfy up to two Civic Responsibilities. However, FSP courses may satisfy only one civic responsibility (unless one is community engaged learning, in which case such FSPs may satisfy up to two civic responsibilities).
  • Liberal Learning requirements may also be satisfied by major or minor courses in cases where they are also approved liberal learning courses.

Special Note – How the Option A, second (or double) major works:


Students with a second major need only to complete two courses each in the three broad sectors of human inquiry: Arts and Humanities, Social Science and History, and Natural Science and Quantitative Reasoning.  

Here are the possible scenarios:

  • Where a given sector includes, from either or both majors, at least two courses in either domain, that sector is generally satisfied (see below for exception).  Domains are the sub-divisions of each sector, e.g., ‘world views and ways of knowing’ and ‘literary, visual and performing arts.’
  • When an additional course must be added to a sector, that course must have a different prefix from the existing one.
  • When two courses need to be added, they need to be of two different prefixes.
  • It is not necessary to include a course from each domain except in the case of Natural Science and Quantitative Reasoning.  All students, no matter how they satisfy the breadth requirement, must have at least one course in Natural Science with lab, and one approved course in Quantitative Reasoning.