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Interdisciplinary Concentrations

CONSIDER YOUR OPTIONS! Every TCNJ Student must complete a liberal learning breadth requirement in order to graduate. This can be done in one of three ways:

Option A Complete an approved, 6 to 8 course, interdisciplinary concentration
Option B Complete a self-designated, 6 to 8 course, interdisciplinary concentration
Option C
Students beginning at TCNJ before Fall 2015:  Complete FSP + 8-course set of distribution requirements.
Students beginning at TCNJ Fall 2015 or after:  Complete an 8-course set of distribution requirements.

Why should I choose Option A or B?

  • Concentrate on an area that you find especially interesting.
  • Complete a set of interconnected courses.
  • Receive credit on your transcript for completing a concentration (Like a minor, but bigger and more comprehensive!).
  • Depending on your major, you may be able to complete OPTION A or B with fewer courses than Option C.

How do I sign up for Option A?

  • Indicate an interest in persuing an Interdisciplinary Concentration by filling out this Form Genie.
  • Consult with the faculty sponsor of the concentration who will explain its academic focus and requirements and, with the student, determine its compatibility with the student’s major program and other academic goals.
  • Students intending to complete an interdisciplinary concentration must obtain signatures from their major advisor(s) and one of the faculty sponsors of the concentration on the Interdisciplinary Concentration Form available here or at the Office of Records and Registration where it must be submitted.

How do I sign up for Option B?

  • Find at least two faculty sponsors in your proposed areas of study and develop a proposal meeting the standards set forth at (scrolling down to III-A and -B for more detailed instructions).
  • Send the proposal to Dr. Richard Kamber at He will meet with you to work out details.

Approved Interdisciplinary Concentrations for Option A

To see detailed descriptions of all currently approved concentrations click on any of the links below (or just browse through them all):