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Civic Responsibilities

The four civic responsibilities will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to be an active and engaged citizen in a complex, diverse, and global society.

Race and ethnicity

Issues of race and ethnicity reside at the heart of America’s national identity and underlie some of the nation’s most persistent problems. The goal of this civic responsibility is to help students understand the nature of race and ethnicity and the impact both have on our lives in modern communities.


The ideas and practices about gender and sexuality mold identities, institutions, nations, and global interactions. The goal of this civic responsibility is to explore how the construct of gender affects our society.

Global Awareness

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected, and students must develop the intercultural skills that will allow them to participate effectively in the global community.

Community Engagement

TCNJ seeks to prepare its students to sustain and advance the communities in which they live.  All incoming students at TCNJ participate in a project or experience that is not only educational for the students but also helps improve the quality of life for others in our region.