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Liberal Learning Course Search

Please note: The Liberal Learning Program will be renamed The College Core, and some of its components will also be renamed.  Learn about these changes here.

Choosing a Liberal Learning course is so much more than finding a course that meets a Liberal Learning requirement and fits your schedule; a real choice means selecting, among those courses that fit your schedule and meet the requirement, the courses that will benefit you the most.

Liberal Learning courses offer a wide array of benefits. They can help you build skills and knowledge to support your major, career, or application to graduate/professional school. They can help you explore other potential majors or minors or prepare you for a study-abroad experience or an internship. They can broaden your horizons, provide you with a new perspective, or allow you to pursue interests and passions outside of your major.

This search engine allows you to easily identify Liberal Learning courses that match your educational goals and then narrow those courses to the ones that will meet your outstanding Liberal Learning requirements.

All you have to do is to type in a search term that captures your interests, and then you can filter the results based on the Liberal Requirements met by courses or the semester the courses will be offered, or both. You can also filter the results to include only courses that have no prerequisites.

Please note that, although a course that disappears when you filter by semester is not being offered in the upcoming couple of semesters, it could be offered in a future semester, so be sure to check for this course again when you search the next time.

To learn about requirements met by courses not taught in the next three semesters, you can consult the Approved Courses for Liberal Learning webpage, which lists the course prefixes that carry automatic Liberal Learning designations and provides a link to a table with courses that satisfy Liberal Learning requirements other than those based on their course prefixes.

Semester Domain Civic Responsibility Writing Intensive